Surgery Eligibility

How we prepare you for your new life

To be eligible for weight loss (metabolic) surgery, there are physical criteria that need to be met. But, perhaps more importantly, we ensure you’re ready for a year-long process that will change your life for good, forever.

Aside from your BMI, your current lifestyle and any underlying issues that have come as a result of your weight, and having the ability to commit yourself to treatment is more important than anything. We know it can be hard, but the reward can add years to your life. So, to give you the best opportunity to succeed, we include access to our own personal trainer and a clinical psychologist for the entire duration of your treatment.

Some patients spend more time with them, others spend less. But every patient is different and their value can’t be discounted. Because while the time you spend in hospital is only two days, the journey to your new life takes around 12 months.

The following four basic criteria are used for patient selection

  • BMI >35 or BMI >30 with associated weight-related comorbidity. We consider patients with BMI 30 to 35 on a case by case basis
  • A failure to control weight with dieting
  • The presence of problems associated with obesity. These may be medical, physical, psychosocial, or be related to future health and life expectancy
  • An ability to participate in treatment and long-term follow-up


Relative Contraindications

  • With increasing age, weight loss is less effective, and the risks of any procedure are greater. We are generally reluctant to consider someone older than 70 for these reasons. At the other end of the scale, we do not accept patients under the age of 18 years
  • Presence of severe, irreversible medical illness: In the presence of severe irreversible disease, the benefit of weight loss will be lessened, and the risks of surgery increase. We look at each case closely to determine the safety and potential benefit before proceeding
  • Reduced mental status — Obtaining a successful outcome after surgery requires a partnership between the surgeon and the patient, with both committed to fulfilling their role optimally. This cannot happen if there is a lack of understanding by the patient, or if they’re unavailable to see us post-operation

Absolute Contraindications

  • The presence of medical conditions that would deem any surgery unacceptably risky (e.g. portal hypertension)
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