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We see obesity for what it is: a medical condition not unlike any other. Sometimes, it can be treated without surgery. But just like having your kidney, appendix or gallbladder removed, surgery can be the safest and most successful way to remove the issue altogether.

Weight-loss surgery doesn’t have to be the 'last resort'. And the major difference in our case compared to some other surgeries is that the results are visibly life-changing, and the positive impact surgery can have on health in other areas can add years to peoples' lives.

Regardless of which surgery your surgeon considers the most suitable, you will receive a comprehensive weight management package that includes:

  • Pre-operative meal and exercise planning
  • Physical and mental and preparation
  • Skilled surgery
  • Intensive post-operative follow-ups

All of this wouldn't be possible working with just your surgeon, which is why we have our own clinical psychologist and personal trainer to uphold the life-changing decision you’ve made. We can also provide you with a dietician to help transition you to your new diet.

We were the first clinic in New Zealand to offer One Anastomosis gastric bypasses (also known as the 'mini gastric bypass'). And, based on your medical history, we have a range of surgery options that we match to your goals. For this reason, we prefer GP referrals so we can better understand your health and determine which one is right for you. However, this isn’t essential, and we can consult you privately if you’d prefer.


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