Sleeve Gastrectomy

Sleeve Gastrectomy

The sleeve gastrectomy is the most common weight loss (metabolic) operation in New Zealand and now worldwide. The operation reduces the size stomach from a 2 litre capacity to a 50ml long thin tube. The surplus stomach is removed and discarded. No intestine is re-routed. The average excess body weight loss is 70% at one year.


  • Rapid weight loss as hunger and satiety control is instantaneous. Most people approach goal weight by 12 months
  • The integrity of the gastrointestinal tract is maintained so there is less risk of vitamin deficiencies compared to gastric bypass


  • The staple line that secures the divided stomach very occasionally leaks requiring re-hospitalisation and re-intervention
  • Gastro-oesophageal reflux can develop after surgery in 20% of patients
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